Own What You Eat

Food choices can determine whether you are going to have a good or bad day.  Making the right meal decisions are not always easy but we are here to help you in your journey to Own What You Eat.  COOLR Bags are designed so that you can pack your meals ahead of time and not worry for the rest of the day.  We provide a premium cooler bag with non-toxic biodegradable gel packs, BPA free, microwave and freezer safe containers that allow you to prepare food and load up so you can have a good and productive day.  No worries on where you are going to eat your next meal or if the restaurant can accommodate your healthy living choices.

For the outdoor person / hunter, our large COOLR bags with non-toxic biodegradable gel packs keep your choice to live off the land colder for up to 24 hours so you can Own What you Eat.  These bags are designed to withstand use and a variety of terrain.

Our ORIGINAL COOLR bags are bigger, lighter, hold more and stay colder longer than your average soft sided cooler.  With an abundance of storage, multiple pockets and accessibility from both sides, this bag is functional for many purposes. It is deceiving large and can accommodate your storage requirements. 

Our COOLR CONVERTIBLE bags can remove the industrial grade cooler lining to make an athletic tote or carry-all.  The pocket on the front is ideal for your personal belongings.  The bag is deceiving in size and can easily fit a litre bottle on its side.

These bags were designed out of the necessity to provide athletes a product that they can depend on.  Designed by athletes for athletes.