As a university student its hard to pack food for an entire day of classes, as well with how expensive food is on campus! Thankful I was at the Toronto Pro Show and picked up my COOLR bag. Easy to carry my lunch, dinner and snacks for the day and I don’t have to worry about my food going bad. Absolutely love it, would recommend to all my fellow class mates! 

-          Sara W.  

I work in an office and always hit the gym right after work, love that my black convertible COOLR bag looks professional and can take it into client meetings with me, then carry on my day to the gym after work. Product works great and food is always cold!

-          James A.

A friend referred me to the COOLR website and thought it could help because I don’t have access to a car.  I ride my bike to work and always have had the problem of my bags falling off or being too heavy. The COOLR strap fits perfectly and is out of the way while I ride as well as distributing the weight across my body. Love this product!

-         Olivia M. 

Took my large Original COOLR bag with me on the plane to Florida for a competition. All items passed in customs and was so thankful for that! Bag was considered my carry on which worked perfectly and the ice packs lasted the whole flight until I got to my hotel.

-         Spencer T. 

      I'm a paramedic in Oakville and work 12h shifts, this bag works perfectly for keeping my meals cold for the entire shift. I was worried about spills in the truck as well but I use the containers that come with the bag and there are no spills. Appreciated the discount and fast delivery. 

Christina R.